Tennis Facts for Kids

Tennis Rules!

Tennis can be played as a singles game this is with one player on each side of the net or as doubles with two players on each side.

Continuing Play 
Each point is started with a serve, taken from behind the baseline. The ball must bounce into the service court on the diagonally opposite side and the point continues with a variety of shots, the most common of the tennis shots are the ground shorts and this contuines until one player fails to hit the ball back or puts it outside the court dimensions.

The scoring process
The server's score is always given first, for example if the score is  "30-15" you know that the server has won 2 points in the game and is at "30". 

The Game Score
Each game is divided into 4 scores - "15", "30", "40" and "game".
If a player has no score in a game, then the player is at "love".  
An example is when one scores a point the player will be at "15-love" is the server wins the point. If the opponent wins the next point and the score goes to "15-15" this contuines on untill one reaches "game". 
 However, if both players tie at "40-40", this is called "deuce" and now the win-by-two rule comes into play again. At "40-40" the next player to win a point will go to "advantage" and then to "game" if they win the two points. 

The Set 
 A player wins a set by winning 6 games, however the player must win by two games. For example, he cannot win a set at 6-5. The player must win one more to make it 7-5. 
 If the players tie at 6 games each in a set, they must play a tiebreaker. The player who wins this must get to 7 points but again they must win by 2 points. The tiebreaker will continue after one gets to 7  or until one player is two points ahead.
The exception to this rule is in the Championships - here the last set in a match cannot be decided on a tiebreaker and the players will continue to play until one wins by two games

The Match 
 The full game is called a match and a player wins a match by winning either 2 out of the possible 3  sets in the women's game or 3 of the possible 5 sets in the men's game. In the mixed doubles it is also a best of 2 out of 3 sets.